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We 100% focused of helping companies to stay financially strong in the businesses since year 2005.

Established in 2005 in Singapore, SME Financial Services Private Limited ('SME+FS') is founded on its core value of the philosophy of “Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthy” and making the great efforts to meet the financial needs of every client.


SME+FS is driven by a vision to be a best-in-class financial advisor, offering bespoke solutions and enduring values to its customers and partners. Over the past 14 years, SME+FS has distinguished itself with its good track record, extensive network, local operational expertise and uncompromising fiduciary commitment. 


SME+FS has been constantly improving its service network to provide diversified one-stop professional services which covering the areas like: enterprise finance advisory, personal finance advisory, corporate services, credit management, industry grant & incentives, trade protection  and is committed continuously creating values in every stage of the financial life cycle.


28 Years

Deep financial knowledges

9 Specialized

Professional services

1,723 cases

Happy customers

12 services

Cross-specialized services

Our 28 years of financial know-how and experiences will bring your businesses to next higher levels. 

Our Story

When we started in 2005, we wanted to build more than not just the funding raising platform for every size of businesses, but also a great place for every business to collaborate and prosperous together. 


We wanted to build a community - a place you join as an individual, but where you become part of a greater 'community'. A place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfilment, not just the bottom line. The community is our catalyst.


Our Business Pledges

Our No 1 Promise

To deliver first-class services to customers.  

Our No 2 Promise

Find best solutions to reduce or settle financial risks & concerns responsibly.  

Our No 3 Promise

We care and dedicate of protecting your financial assets & interests. 

SME+FS provides comprehensive suites of financial services in 7 distinct business segments


  1. Financings solutions for businesses & personal

  2. Business protection & insurances

  3. CFO | Financial Controller part-time services

  4. Accounting & financial reporting services

  5. Bad debt | Life-line accounts recovery services

  6. Grant & trade Incentives 

  7. Financial Advisory 


We take pride of our unwavering commitments & unparalleled high standard of solutions to let our customers having the great experiences of our excellent services.

The highly complex and the fast changing financial environment, is likely hidden with uncertainty and credit risks in relation to the higher future opportunity cost or loss, if the financial risks are not properly mitigating well.


We recognize how all these credit risks could cause concerns and disrupting to business & lifestyle. To get rid of this adverse situation, we'll help businesses with the clear & simple financial strategy to reduce the risks or to relieve the financial pains that matters the most to you. 


We are devoted entirely to serve our customers financially & responsibly well, to be our happy customers .

We do what suits you the most, as we would like our customers to gain more when they choose loans or our other services to finance their businesses.


In terms of borrowings, there are good loans or bad loans which have many implications to the borrowers.  Be a responsible & professional financial advisor, we are obliged to protect & preserve your precious assets & financial interests.  In terms of other services that we are offering to customers, we would like to go for extra miles to benefit the maximum.


The purpose of our this dedication is to establish long term business relationship and be your trusted financial advisor 

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