threatening the survival of the businesses

Since December in 2019, thousands of the SMEs and the iconic firms in Singapore and global economies have cited Covid-19 as a factor in the decision for the winding-up the businesses.

The disruption to the business is expecting to continue for many months to come. More job losses and fallout of businesses will deepen the economies' into unprecedented financial troubles. 


It's important for people and companies to act bravely and prepare well ahead before this crisis caused further damages to the livelihood of the people and the businesses.

Cope with the fast-moving & unexpected changes

Together, we are confident that Singapore will be able to recover and emerge stronger than before.

At SME+FS, we are doing our part to keep our environment safe and are committed to supporting our Singapore Business Community to be equipped with more protective financial supports effectively to weather through this economic storm.


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Government Relief Measures helping Firms coping with Covid-19.

Together, we'll stay resilient and move forward. Together, we’ll overcome.

Financing Schemes Support

  • Special Funds For Startups.

  • SME Working Capital Loan.

  • Temporary Bridging Loan.

  • SME Trade Loan.

  • Loan Insurance Scheme.

Managing Cash Flows & Debts

  • Defer Payment on Secured Loans.

  • Assistance with insurance protection.

  • Corporate Tax Deferment

  • Enhanced Property Tax Rebate

Managing Costs & Upgrading

  • Wage Credit Scheme.

  • Jobs Support Scheme.

  • Waiver of Foreign Workers Levy.

  • Funding Support for Training Local Employees.

Enhanced Grants & Schemes

  • Digital Resilience Bonus.

  • Enterprise Development Grant.

  • Productivity Solutions Grant.

  • SG Together Enhancing Enterprise Resilience Program.




We know these are uncertain times for everyone. COVID-19 has brought about economic disruption on an unprecedented level worldwide.

We stand together as partners to ride out this storm. To do that, we’ve rolled out a series of enhanced solutions and initiatives to help your business better respond to the challenges.


There’s also a list of resources we hope you’ll find useful as we work together to tackle COVID-19 and emerge stronger. Together, we'll stay resilient and move forward. Together, we’ll overcome.

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