threatening the survival of the businesses.

Since December in 2019, thousands of the SMEs and the iconic firms in Singapore and global economies have cited Covid-19 as a factor in the decision for the winding-up the businesses.

The disruption to the business is expecting to continue for many months to come. More job losses and fallout of businesses will deepen the economies' into unprecedented financial troubles. 


It's important for people and companies to act bravely and prepare well ahead before this crisis caused further damages to the livelihood of the people and the businesses.

Cope with the unexpected change.

Together, we are confident that Singapore will be able to recover and emerge stronger than before.

At SME+FS, we are doing our part to keep our environment safe and are committed to supporting our Singapore Business Community to be equipped with more protective financial supports effectively to weather through this economic storm.


| Covid-19 Relief Measures


Covid-19 Business Loans Eligible For All Companies

In all, a total of nearly S$100b funds have poured into the market by the government to stimulate the economy to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses, workers, and families can make use of this capital support to deal with the negative cash flow issues and take advantage to embrace new growth opportunities.   


However, this financing resource is running out very soon. Don't miss out the boat. 

How To Get The Government Financing Supports Effortlessly?

Speak to us, we're here to answer and support the local SME businesses. Together, we united.

3 Key Business Loans  Supporting For All SMEs:

  • Loan amount adjusted from $1m to $300k;

  • Risk-sharing 50%, 70% for young company;

  • Revised from Apr 21 to Sep 21.

  • Loan amount adjusted from $5m to $3m;

  • Interest capped 5.0% pa (simple 2.5% pa);

  • Extended from Apr 21 to Sep 21.

  • Up to $10m for the purchase of stock.

  • Bundle with import & export financing;

  • Extended from Apr 21 to Sep 21.

Other Government Capital Loans Support.

  • $30m SME Fixed Asset Loan - Finance local and overseas fixed assets investment.

  • $5m Venture Debt Loan - Finance the new growing innovative business.

  • $50m Project Finance - Finance the awarded overseas projects.

  • $50m Merger & Acquisition Finance - Support the acquisition of local or oversea enterprises.

  • Trade Credit Insurance Scheme - Protect against non-payment by the new customers.

  • Political Risk Insurance Scheme - Safeguard companies overseas projects against political uncertainty.


These financing and protection initiatives are providing to companies to venture overseas markets with the intent to drive for long-term economic growth and internationalization.

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Government Relief Measures helping Firms coping with Covid-19.

Together, we'll stay resilient and move forward. Together, we’ll overcome.

Financing Schemes Support

  • Special Funds For Startups.

  • SME Working Capital Loan.

  • Temporary Bridging Loan.

  • SME Trade Loan.

  • Loan Insurance Scheme.

Managing Cash Flows & Debts

  • Defer Payment on Secured Loans.

  • Assistance with insurance protection.

  • Corporate Tax Deferment

  • Enhanced Property Tax Rebate

Managing Costs & Upgrading

  • Wage Credit Scheme.

  • Jobs Support Scheme.

  • Waiver of Foreign Workers Levy.

  • Funding Support for Training Local Employees.

Enhanced Grants & Schemes

  • Digital Resilience Bonus.

  • Enterprise Development Grant.

  • Productivity Solutions Grant.

  • SG Together Enhancing Enterprise Resilience Program.




We know these are uncertain times for everyone. COVID-19 has brought about economic disruption on an unprecedented level worldwide.

We stand together as partners to ride out this storm. To do that, we’ve rolled out a series of enhanced solutions and initiatives to help your business better respond to the challenges.


There’s also a list of resources we hope you’ll find useful as we work together to tackle COVID-19 and emerge stronger. Together, we'll stay resilient and move forward. Together, we’ll overcome.

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Pay Attention And Understand The Financial Statements.

Financial statements provide a snapshot of a company's financial health, giving insight into its performance, operations, cash flow and overall conditions of the business. Also, it's essential to know about a company's revenue, expenses, profitability, and debt.

Plan And Do Projections More.

Proper planning is essential to the success of the business as it measured the ability to generate profits and avoid the company running out of cash. Dedicating resources to this all-important function can be underestimated in today's rapidly changing and high-competitive marketplace.

Focus On Capital And Cash: The Lifeblood of The Business.

You must secure with the necessary financial resources - capital and cash to execute the business, not only to survive in the difficult times but also to grow when the economy is recovery. One of the most common reasons for the failure company is lack of cash or capital during the business downturn or difficult financial time. Many companies when required to raise funds from the banks are always at the stage of running out of cash or lack of the essential plan ahead. This commonly resulting in difficulty to raise the essential capital from the banks.

Understand And Improve Your Selling Cycle.

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.

Manage Your Business Disbursement Cycle.

Be Creative And Proactive To Generate Cash.

Companies must continually innovate, create, adapt and adjust to have of developing new products and service, figuring out how to reach customers more efficiently. The following areas offer sigificant opportunities for creativity when looking to improve cash flows: 1) Turn your assets over quicker. 2) Leverage your vendors, suppliers and financing sources. 3) Manage external sources of cash proactively.

Understand And Leverage On External Sources Of Financing.

Protech Cash At All Times.

Identify Business Risks And Prepare Back-Up Plan In Advance.

There are many risks in running a business and serious challenges should be expected at some point in the future. It's important to consider a number of scenarios such as “What if that big order suddenly comes in?”; “What if a big order is cancelled?” or “What if that important client goes missing while still owing me money?” This kind of risk analysis can become part of your cash-flow budgeting process.

Try this simple method – If you’re using a spreadsheet to enter cash inflows, simply reflect a hypothetical situation by adding or deleting inflows. The repercussions in the following weeks and months should immediately be visible, so you can consider what you would do if the event occurred.

Non paying client is just one of the possible threats. There are many more such aspects that you should account for while making cash flow forcasting.

Implement Good Accounting System To Manage Cash Flows.

Many businessmen procrastinate to invoice customers. Some do not invoice as soon as they deliver the product or services or do it just at the month end. Many do not even know how much is owed to them by their customers or how much they owe to suppliers.

If you are one of them, its time to start implementing an efficient process to manage cash flow. You can use a simple spreadsheet or implement an accounting software in place.

Always Keep Buffer Cash In A Separate Bank Account.