Financial Advisory Services

Helping companies to relieve the financial pain and distress, make plan and gain control over the financial welfares of the future business.

Tailored-Made Advice

Our financial advisory services provide practical and effective assistance to small, medium & large organizations with the benefit of local expertise and insights. We are committed to providing value-added services and solutions that are flexible to tailor-make to the uniqueness of the business needs. 


Our tailored business guides are designed to tackle specific challenges, many highlighted by business owners in the survey that we conduct. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of industry experts, our guides provide valuable insights and advice to help overcome the difficulties of running your own company.

Problems with tight cash-flows - Solutions to design & support for different sizes of organizations.

Maintaining stable & healthy operating cash-flows in today's uncertain markets & the tight credit banking environment - high borrowing costs, strict terms & conditions that caused anxiety & distress to many of the organizations.

We would like to hear from you, what are the key financial challenges that you are facing in today's slow markets.

Be calm to take a strategic approach to review & adapt the right solutions.

Problems complying with the mandatory filing of annual report on-time - solutions to meet the statutory requirements.

The fast-changing of the regulatory requirements caused difficulties and complexities hard for companies to comply with.

We help companies to navigate the regulatory complexity and increase transparency by improving the corporate reporting and support the compliance with regulatory requirements and the contractual agreements are tailoring to suit the nature & size of the organization. 

​We understand every business is unique and needs special attention to comply with the statutory requirements and we are committed to value-added to your businesses.

Trouble with bad credit rating - solutions to rebuild credit profile.

Invest time to rebuild good credit profile, it's worth your patience. 

Take discipline steps to pay the bank bills on-time, make full-payment, take no  advances,  cut unsecured debts etc. 

Trouble with bad debts - solutions to recovery bad debts.

What are my credit policy to recover in term when bad debts strike? Is the provided provisions sufficient to cover?

Take prevention & adapt the feasible credit policy to combat bad debt. Act fast!

Trouble with high debt commitment - solutions to restructure bad debts.

In event of financial difficulties, we assist companies to reposition high borrowing debts to the credit-risk acceptable level or negotiate with the creditor for debt restructuring to minimize the impact of business viability and the cash-flow.

Building the evergreen or sustainability facilities and reviewing for other feasible options - dispose of unprofitable product,

source for potential investors or synergies with potential JV partners are some of the remedial actions to overcome the financial difficulties for our customers.

Uncertain with grants & incentives - solutions to tap for innovation.

Ever assess own current competitive edges are sufficient to cope with the future new economy, as the disruptive technologies will change the business climate completely.


Whether you like it or not, companies should innovate and transform for new capabilities to stay ahead of competition or keep in-line in the new business economy.

Tap onto the government grants & incentives to modernize & upgrade for new capabilities, as the supports, subsidies & benefits will prepare the companies to stay ahead and stay relevant in the new marketplace. 

financial diagnostic

Collecting overdue payments to improve cash-flows.

credit improvement

Take prevention actions before hit by potential bad debt.

debt management

Know your customers well & get protection of local & oversea debts.

credit counseling

Know your legal right how it can better recover of bad debt.

banruptcy counseling

Get update of your customer profile & trace out your debtor.

When things are getting tough......

Organizations are operating in the fast changing and disrupted economy and find themselves are facing with the unexpected challenges and issues in today’s tough business environment. With the right intervention and taking measures in the early stage, it is possible to achieve a sustainable turnaround to protect the interests and stay strong in the business-place. 

We have the expertise and take the practical approach to help businesses to spot the root causes of defective financial performance and find pragmatic solutions to tackle the issues that about to happen.


We also assist companies in reorganizing the debt structures, reconfigure of capital structures to assist in the recovery process. 

In these difficult times, our professionals are ready to render tailor-made services to optimize recovery or reducing losses and disruptions.

Stay focus on what you can handle.

Seek professional advice to assess.

See what are the obstacles to overcome.

Making things better & navigate for new sustainable businesses.

Achieve a sustainable solution & protect business.

Carry out the pragmatic steps to reduce the impact.