Lightning Fast Approval For Businesses.


Features of the loans:

  • Loan amount: Up to S$100,000.00

  • Interest rate: 1% to 3% per month

  • One-time processing fee: 3% to 5%

  • Repayment period: Up to 12 months

  • How fast can get the loan: 5 to 8 hours

  • Security: No collateral

For who:

  • All types of businesses, included sole-proprietor, partnership, and private limited company.

  • Start-up companies or small businesses with 6-month-old are eligible to apply.

Loan eligibilities:

  • Locally registered company with owning at least 30% local shares.

  • Annual turnover of $300k and above.

  • Past 6 months bank statements with $6k to $10k balances (not more than 3 bounce cheques).

  • Preferably secured with purchase orders or contracts.

  • Declared personal annual incomes $50k and above.

  • Good CBS credit scores.

Required documents: 

  • A recent copy company profile.

  • Current 6 months of bank statements.

  • Director or business owner's IC and 2018 & 2019 NOAs.

  • Current month CBS report.

How to apply:

  • For fast application, call 6611 2918 / 97500281.

  • Or, email the documents to to apply.


3 main BENEFITS when you get the FINTECH LOANS.


Lightning-fast approval and the loan is disbursed in 24 hours.


Available to all businesses, including new set-up companies.


No collateral. Good to generate for multiple streams of revenues. 



Friendly, accessible financing programs suitable for local SME companies, the working capital loans are coming in the forms of the term loan, revolver, hybrid, and overdraft let companies have greater flexibilities to up-scale businesses and improve cash-flow competency. 

Loan size: Up to S$500,000.00

Speed of approval:  5 working days

For who: Open to all firms & new set-up

Low interest rate: From 3.75% pa 

Finance types: Term, revolver & overdraft

Costs of borrowing:  Lowest & affordable

Tenor: Up to 5 years repayment term

Low processing fee: $500 or cap 1%

Flexible term: Free to draw on demand

Many types of working capital programs supporting the different nature of businesses.


Accelerate Businesses Beyond Borders.

Apply The Right  Finances To Bridge 
Cash flows Gaps or Leakages.

Best-class financing strategies support your unique business capital needs.

Additional ways to leverage for free working capital loans.

Assets-back or equipment refinancing can be arranging under sales or leaseback or horseback for SME companies to raise cost-effective working capital, particularly suitable for companies possess with unencumbered equipment. 


Choose the right working capital sources to boost the operating cash flow strengths.

Loan size: Up to S$3,000,000.00

Speed of approval:  21 working days

For who: Assets or equipment rich firm

Low interest rate: From 3.00% pa 

Security: Fixed or debenture charge

Costs of borrowing:  Low & affordable

Tenor: Up to 5 years repayment term

Low processing fee: $500 or cap 1%

Flexible term: Tailor made actual needs