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Suitable for who:

  • Start-up firms (> 6 months)

  • Micro SME companies (>$500k to $1.0m revenues)

  • SME companies (>$1.0m to $20m revenues)

Financing terms:

Companies can choose working capital in fixed repayment, on-demand or revolving basis.

  • Fixed term: Up to $500k quantum.

  • On-demand: Up to $200k quantum.

  • Revolving: Up to $200k quantum.

  • Interest rate: From 3.75% pa fixed.

  • Facility fee: 1% or minimum $500 (whichever is the highest)

  • Guarantees: Personal.

Business Working Capital Loans


  • Local companies with holding of minimum 30% shares.

  • Local director possesses with good credit scores.

  • Good financials.

Required documents:

  • Current company bizfile.

  • Current 6 months bank statements.

  • Financial statements (if any).

  • Director's IC and 2 years NOAs.

  • Director's CBS report.

Processing time:

When the documents are provided in full, the loan is expected to disburse in next 2 to 3 weeks later or will advise later.


  • Call (65) 6611 2918 (During office hours).

  • Call (65) 97500281 (After office hours).

  • Email to


 Key Features & Benefits

Indulging with >100 banks, PFIs, financing channels & partners.


Startups, growing firms, & large-scale companies are able to access diverse funding platforms to support business confidently. 

Measure & recommend solutions to improve credit ratings.


Initiate a comprehensive credit evaluation process, with the objectives to improve the company's credit rating & meet loan approval criterion.

Protecting business important assets.  


Introduce a protective plan to protect the key assets - sales revenues, banking facilities, trade accounts & key personnel.

Improving the company's financial capability progressively.  


Identifying the causes of internal financial loopholes and suggest feasible ways to improve it.

Connecting businesses to the right funding partners to gain long-term supports.


Linking companies to the lifelong financing partner to access to the undisrupted sources of funds and supports.

Plan and set a budget for undisrupted cash-flows. 


Planning for annual financial budgeting is critical, as it will envisage and fix-up the require fundings ahead.

Diverse & integrated professional platforms.


Integrated key business functions - legal, financing, accounting & auditing, IT & government assistance programs are reinforcing company's competitiveness.

Time & cost savings


Processing for loan approval is a tedious process, which will interrupt the daily routine of works.


Imagine time & costs you have to save are translating more values to business. 




Email us the documents.




Activate credit assessment. Check & update credit queries.


Call us or email us to sign up loan service form.




You will receive the term sheet. Acknowledge your acceptance & start to seek for formal loan approval.



Make your acceptance of loan offer & monies will credit into your current bank account.


*This diagram is for illustrative purpose, as the credit assessment process may vary from case to case.

Instantly update of your loan application & fund disbursement status.

Timely reporting to you, so that you can manage monies more effectively.


Specialize In Resolving Niche Financial Issues:

Cash-flow problems,

unable to get the bank to approve the loans ?? 

Problems to recover the bad debts & facing with doubtful debts?? 

Trouble with complex & unresolved financial matters?? 

Finding too tedious to get grants to improve the cash flow?? 

Unsure with the compliance & regulatory Issues?? 

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