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Responsible Financing Solutions Meet Every day of Your Cash-Flow Needs.

Smart SME Financing Solutions Design For Growing Business Needs

Leveraging on the right financing-mix helps to shape an effective and unique financing platform to improve profits and sustainable growth. Other than keeping the borrowing costs affordable, but also improving the financial metrics healthy and resilient.

Choose the right business financing-mix with cheaper interest costs for your businesses.

  • SME Working Capital |Business Loans

    Diverse and rich sources of financing facilities that are supporting the daily operational cash-flow needs.

    Working Capital Loans
  • Assets-Based | Lease Financings 

    This platform helps to modernize and upgrading of the productive assets to keep companies function effectively.

    Assets-based financing.
  • Specialized | Cross Border Financings

    Be financially-ready when undertaking new projects or expanding businesses in the overseas markets.

    Specialized Loans.
  • Government Assistance Loans

    Capitalizing on government financing assistance schemes to move the companies to grow further.

    Government risk-sharing financing.

How our services can help to shape stronger financial capabilities and a healthy capital framework for your businesses.

Connecting to responsible

financing platforms to keep borrowing costs lower and healthy balance sheets.

Protecting the important assets and reducing the financial risks are our commitments to you.

Providing regular financial supports to our loyal customers to maximize their financial interests and returns.

Helping customers to solve financial issues and give ideas of building financial wealth and health.

We regularly conduct financial health-checks to ensure the fitness of the financial conditions. 

Best-Class Financing Solutions.

Growing business with our one-stop

cash-flow solutions.

We deliver best-class financing solutions and credit risk management services.

We tailor-making one-stop and responsible financing solutions for companies to access the best funding resources and support effortlessly for the purposes to meet your growing business needs.


Many good financing programs in the markets are well designed for companies to tap for necessary resources and supports. We carefully filtering and select the best out from hundreds of funding programs for every one of the unique businesses.



Tips to gain favorable and consistent support from the banks to finance growing businesses.

It can be tough to convince the banks to finance the businesses, especially when the credit scores are marginally weak or low cash balances or any other negative financial factors that are the typical reasons given by the banks to reject the loan applications. 


But never ever let the financial problems hinder the progress of the businesses particularly when it really needs the pressing funds or working capital to keep the company afloat. 


Take early precautions is critical, as it will prevent financial problems not to be deteriorated or get worse out of control. Take quick actions to tackle the issues or hire a Professional Financial Advisor to address the financial difficulties at the early stage.


Why don't speak to us, we are ready to help companies to fix up the liquidity and financial problems and as well get the right financial solutions and capital services to support your companies to fuel for the current and future growth.

Tips to secure the banks' supports and the approval of the loans.

Questions about your financial health or how the deteriorated cash-flows predicament are causing impacts on the companies. To get rides of the problems of minimizing the issues that the companies can approach some best practices to attract more banks or financial institutions to support the firms growing well.


To attract favorable terms and gaining consistent financing support from the banks, it is crucial for companies to adopt some of the best financial practices to improve the credit rating of the companies, especially when it comes to applying new credit facilities or renewing the existing lines of credit.


  1. Know your credit scores to scale up for an excellent rating.

  2. Know your financial KPIs in terms of revenues, profit margins, debt servicing ratio, receivables turnover.

  3. Keep cash-flows in check by improving the portfolios of the AR and AP conditions.

  4. Keep corporate governance and compliance in checks to ensure the best business practices are set in place and enhance the current financial data are up and ready.

  5. Regularly update the personal profile or biodata of the director or the key business promoter.


Above all, there are also many other credit parameters that are equally critical to enhancing the financial quality of the firms.


Be committed to cultivating good business practices, this will help to improve the corporate images of the companies. Other than that, it will also enable the companies to enjoy lower costs of funding, and as well as gaining more privileges to obtain long-term financing supports from the banks. 



Together, we climb to the top.

Get in touch with us.  

We deliver what makes good for your business to let you have a peace of mind

to focus on doing business effortlessly. 

Banks & PFIs - Working Capital Loans /

SME Business Loans 

Attractive Features - Higher loan quantum, attractive interest rates, and longer repayment periods offering from the following banks and the participating financial institutions:

  • Annual Interest rate: From 1.56% pa (equivalent 5.0% pa effective rate).

  • Repayment period: Up to 60 months.

  • Facility fee: 1% (one-time).

  • Loan quantum: Up to S$1,000,000 (SME working capital loan).

  • Loan quantum: Up to S$5,000,000 (Bridging loan).

  • Multi-products source: Term loan, overdraft, corporate credit card.

CitiBusiness / CIMB / DBS / Maybank​ / RHB / OCBC / SCB / UOB /    Hong Leong Finance / Sing Investment / Singapura Finance

Orix Leasing / IFS Capital / Ethoz Capital

P2P / Alternatives - Fintech

Business Loans 

Attractive Features - Speedy loan approval, digitalize transactions and fast loan disbursement offering from the following crowd-funding platforms and the private-owned lending companies:

  • Monthly Interest rate: From 1.79% to 3.5% per month.

  • Repayment period: Up to 12 months.

  • Facility fee: 3% to 5% (one-time).

  • Loan quantum: Up to S$500,000 (Commercial).

  • Products source: Term loan.

  • Other related sources: Invoice financing.

Funding Societies / Moolahsense / Capitall / Validus Capital

Aspire Financial / Multiply / Minterest / Fundtier / Xingang Investment  Crowd-Genie / Seedin / Kapital Boost

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