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Referral Programs

Get Great Rewards When You Referring Us The Lead.

For every successful case, you'll get cash rewards from us.

We make our rewards simple to our referral partners. We payout the fee as soon as when the deal is successfully concluded. Simply refer us to the case, we will work and close the deal fast.

To qualify for the cash rewards, please call or email us the new lead's contacts. Our range of cash rewards are as follows:

You will get $200 cash + $50 cafe voucher.

Get accumulative S$250 cash for every 3 referrals, up to S$1,000 cash during the qualifying period.

Up to S$500.00

Financing For Businesses.

Every successful new deal is entitled to earn up to S$500 cash rewards.


With more new cases you introduced to us, the more cash rewards you will be earned.

Up to S$300.00

Go Digital For Accounts.

Helping companies to go digital for monitoring performances reporting 24/7 instantly anytime & anywhere. 


Engaging our services or earn the cash rewards or cash-back.   

Up to $300.00

Control Debts Smartly.

Facing with financial issues. Introduce to us,  we help companies to restructure debts exposure and get to stay healthy financially.

Earn your cash rewards.

How we reward our referral partners.


How's the reward payment distributed?


If you are a current referring partner, we can either make a bank transfer to your bank account or cheque payment will be made to you within 30-days of the contract being signed. 


If you are not a working partner, a cheque payment will be made to you within 45-days of the contract being signed.


How often are payments made per client that is referred?


The SME+FS Business Financial Solutions, referral program offers one-time payment/reward per signed client and is NOT a reoccurring transaction.


What is the process to refer to someone?


  • Either send an email introducing SME+FS Business Financial Solutions to your referral or send them to the New Potential Client Form. Some call this a discovery form. 


  • From there, one of the team members will get in touch with them within 3-business days to set up a time to do a new client phone call. 


  • If the potential client is interested, SME+FS Business Financial Solutions will draft a proposal that will fit the needs of the potential client that will include one or more package options.


  • When the potential client decides which option is the best fit for his or her budget, they will sign the proposal, send it back and then the onboarding process will begin. In most cases, this is a 2-week process.


  • In the onboarding process, an Independent Contractor Agreement is drafted. This is the most important form, as this is where the agreement for services happens, and your referral is triggered.


  • Once the Independent Contractor Agreement is signed and payment expectations are established between your referral and Alpine Small Business Solutions, the referral payment/reward will be distributed to you via the method indicated above.



Is there a limit on how many people I can refer to?


Absolutely, not! The more the merrier.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.



If I referred some to you in the past, can I get credit?


Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you have referrals in the future that sign up, then yes, we will be thrilled to pay you for your referral, but for accounting purposes, we are not able to offer credits for past referrals that did not go through the referral process.  Just be sure to tap into this awesome program moving forward.


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Why Partner With Us.

Fast & Easy

Our referral program is easy and straight forward.

Attractive Incomes

Our referral program let you earn more commissions .

Seamless Technology

Full supports to your customers to get required capital supports.

Trust & Reliable 

We keep things transparent, compliance to regulations.