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Why Hiring

Part-Time CFO

Businesses in the SME sector may find it difficult of hiring a full-time CFO (also known as Chief Financial Officer), as it too expensive for small companies. This is where the part-time CFO comes in to adding a level of flexibility and allowing companies to benefit from such expertise without the hassle of paying full-time salaried and bonus.


Our skilled CFO services will make your business more financially sound and here are some of the good reasons why a company should consider us to service your businesses well.

Cost Savings

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Every entrepreneur wants a profitable business which is resulted in many factors like managing and cutting costs.


Hiring a full-time CFO can be a financial burden to small firms, where it covering a myriad of expenses like the salary, CPF, incentives, bonus, sick pay, vacation pay, infrastructure and etc.  However, by engaging our CFO services, other than will enjoy huge savings while still getting the same professional assistance of the finances.

In-depth Skills Set

Business Partners at Work

Businesses who partner with outsourced CFO services will reap the benefits of having a complete understanding of up-to-date financial strategies and better access to a wide variety of industry expertise which can boost the values to the company.


As your business is continuing to grow in size, you'll most likely require more sophisticated and up-to-date strategic advice that your accountant can ever be offered.

Flexibility & Relevance


There'll be a lot of flexibility while working along with our CFO services. Entrepreneurs are able to focus entirely on expanding core business and developing new products and services based on the professional advice of our specialized CFO services.


Having set the strategic financial plans on your core business allows more freedom and opportunity to grow, and permits products and services to be relevant to the markets to keep retain current clientele and attracting more customers.

Compliance with Regulations

Justice Scale

When it comes to accounting and financial decision makings, it will require companies to strictly comply with the local laws and regulations especially when it related to government taxes, data protection, regulatory reporting standards, rules and regulations.


Our independent CFO services are helpful to keep companies remain compliant with the latest financial & company regulations when it comes to making the most informed financial decisions and ensures the future growth of the company.

Protecting Important Assets


Talented staffs and key personnel, sales incomes, trade receivables, capital resources are some of the key assets for the company to keep protecting and improving the values of these important assets based on our specialized CFO services.


This will allow companies to have more protections on precious resources and minimizing losses when any unexpected situations strike. 

Reduced credit & fraud risks

Analyzing the data

This is not easy for business owners to know some of the financings, operating, credit and regulatory risks when making any key business decisions and fallen a victim to fraud when dealing with untrustworthy persons in running the businesses.


With the help of our CFO services, the risks of default will be reduced significantly. That's because the systems and procedures are put in place to reduce the risk of unethical and risky activity.

Book for 1-hour financial health checks

Having strong financial capabilities will give companies the edge and the power to drive for long-term financial stability and growth.  


Why don' take the first step to meet up with us, and let us diagnose the financial health of your businesses.


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Transforming for future growth.

Hiring a full-time CFO is expensive for SMEs and Start-up companies. Considering our part-time CFO services to save costs and yet still manage your financials well.


We understand that every organization is unique and requires a different set of skilled services to manage the expectations well. 


Our CFO services include:

  1. Budgeting and financial planning

  2. Accounting and management reports

  3. Profit margin analysis and improvement plan

  4. Cash flow analysis and improvement plan

  5. Capital fundraising and debts financing 

  6. Tax plan and strategies

  7. Financial analysis and measuring KPIs

  8. Timely annual financial reports

  9. Business valuation


We work closely with you, getting to know your business and its goals. Then we find the best ways to implement the necessary change for success in every small business or startup.



Our CFO services Do For You.


Accounting Management


Budgeting & Planning


Financing & Cash-flows Manageemnt


Debts Management & Business Protection


Financial Reporting & Intelligence

Suitable for:  Start-up, SME & Established Firms.

Gathering experts altogether -
Accountant, Auditor, Tax Manager,
Financial Professional & Lawyer.
Helping Firms To Transform Businesses Confidently.

Shaping Up Financial Strengths & Be Ready For Tomorrow Challenging Businesses.