SME Commercial Financing Solutions

Creative Financing Solutions Meet Everyday of Your Business Needs.


Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS)

Capitalizing on government risk-sharing programs to gain more cash flow support and grow business further.

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SME Working Capital $1.0m
Temporary Bridging Loan $5.0m
SME Trade Loan $10.0m
SME Venture Loan $5.0m
SME Fixed Assets $30.0m
Project Loan $70.0m
M&A Loan $50m
Digital Loan $50k
IFS $50m (Non-recourse)
LIS Trades & Invoices
TCIS Trade Credit Protection
PRIS Political Risk Protection
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Growing your business with our one-stop cash-flow solutions.

We deliver only best-class financing solutions.  


We tailor-making one-stop & comprehensive cash-flow solutions to let companies access to diverse and wide-range of domestic and international capital resources. Easy reach to capital resources effortlessly to expand businesses globally.


Many good financing programs are designed for companies to expand globally, but it's important to capitalize and leverage the best financing tools to grow are critical. We will deliver the best financing solutions to let companies growing overseas markets more smoothly.



Business working capital loans 

Innovative Funding solutions will meet for your present and future business cash-flow needs.

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Pledge To Fix Financial Problems

& Promote Best Financial Practices To Reshape Strong & Resilient Firms.

Change from the 

impossible to possible. 

Today companies are facing with many tough economic challenges and stiff market competitions, which may add significant pressure to the companies.


We are equipped with 15 years of industry experiences, skills & knowledge, helps companies to identify and remove the financial blind-spots, as well promoting best practices to enhance the core capital financial capabilities.


It's critical to take proactive actions, should there be any sickening cash-flows and financial issues to fix at the early stage to regain financial glory soon.



Assets-based financing 

Modernizing and upgrading your long-term assets fleet with our innovative solutions.

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HP Equipment Loans
Private & Factory Loans
Renovation & IT Loans
Vessel Loans
Floor Stocking
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Why the CBS's credit scores are so important for the loan borrowings?

CBS or consumer credit bureau is the important full industry credit lending benchmark, widely used by all the retail banks and the major financial institutions to let the financial lenders make better lending decisions objectively.

We help to diagnose the conditions of the credit risk scores and the financial profile, guides to gain improved credit ratings.

Most major banks and financing lenders are offering loans only to borrowers who are possessed with excellent credit rating borrowers. Borrowers are likely to enjoy lower borrowing cost, generous and continuing financial supports etc. It has also become the increasingly common norms for most of the major employers and government agency bodies to ask for credit reports when hiring new employees. 


Knowing the key financial indicators help to improve the quality of the assets and liabilities classes, better managing of liquidity and gaining higher returns. Besides, it also helps to accumulate net-worth or wealth well.


Questions about your financial health? Ask us and we will keep your financial health in check and find ways to improve it.


We are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions and are creating relevant financial solutions to your value-chain of businesses.  


Specialized financing 

Be financially-ready when expanding & growing your business ventures overseas.

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Cross-Border Finance
Project Financing
Venture-Debt Financing
Structural Finance
Bank Guarantees
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Our expertise helps companies to build stronger financial strengths for the unique business.

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