Our Core Services

Let us plan, grow and protect of  your precious financial assets.


Taking good care of your interests is our commitment to you.

We are the financial solutions company, helping companies to solve unique financial problems, mitigating credit risks, and improving cash-flow streams. Our array ranges of financial solutions and services - like financing advisory, credit risk management, CFO services, business protection services, accounting works, trade grants & incentives, bad-debt recovery, are our commitment to you to develop and execute the best practices to meet for your future needs.


Our commitment to you is to build lasting business relationships by creating more valuable contributions to the companies. We take good care of your financial wellness and are eager to promote the best financing solutions to fit well for the type of your business. We take pride in our works, as we set out to create meaningful values for our customers financially.

  • SME/Business 

    Financing Solutions

    Full ranges of low-cost financing programs suitable for companies to grow local and overseas ventures.

  • Alternative Finances.png

    Alternative/ Fintech  Financing Solutions

    New financing platforms provide new sources of funds for companies to raise for additional funds.

  • Personal Finance.png

    Personal Financing Solutions

    Financing your personal growth, quality of lifestyle and the portfolios of the wealth assets.

  • Part-time CFO Services.png

    Outsourced CFO Services

    Outsource CFO services helping to improve cash-flow, reporting, profit, risk-management and the funding.

  • Trade Protection Services.png

    Business Protection Services

    Protecting business important assets -  trade receivables and human capital from non-payment and assets.

  • accounting.png

    Outsourced Accounting Services

    Full book-keeping, annual financial report & tax filing, advisory. Access to reports on the move, 24/7 ready.

  • Financial Advisory.png

    Industry Grants & Trade Incentives

    Government-subsidized grants that are supporting the local firms to grow for new technology adoptions.

  • Gear Wheels

    Life-Line Debt Recovery Services

    Global Platform to help local firms to recover for the local and cross-border bad debts accounts.

  • Business Consultancy.png

    Financial Advisory Services

    Facing with complex financial issues in the business. We have the solutions to fix for your problems.

  • Brainstorming

    Corporate Advisory Services

    Streamline business processes simple, cost-effective, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.


How Our Services Can Add-Value To You And Companies.

We care about the financial well-being of our customers to ensure each of our customers is delighted with our value-added services.


Our past decade dedications to our customers have differentiated ourselves from our competitors that we are whole-heartedly to serve and protect our customers' financial interests well.


Get in touch with the rich and diverse capital bases,  suitable for all businesses.

Indulging in more than 50 banks, PFI and financing partners to pamper the funding appetites - Startups, growing firms & large-scale companies.

VR Headset

Apply grants to go for digitization & automation.

Connect to subsidized grants and the financing schemes with the conscious approach to adopt the right technology for growth.

Analyzing the data

Unlock or free hidden cash and identify any hidden fixed capital values.

Spot and dig out internal hidden cash values and the capital assets to free or unlock for the extra cash-flows to improve company's liquidity.

Happy Businessman

Help to measure KPIs by improving the ROI and eliminating credit risks.

Know your financial figures to expand the profitable products or services lines to go on. Also, be aware of the credit risks to stay away the impacts. 


Trimming borrowing costs  by 1.5% to 5.0% lower.

Improving and strengthening the balance sheet to keep the capital structure nimble and cost-effective sustainably.

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Cultivate best practices to meet compliance, corporate governance requirements.

Helping companies be alert and  responsive to the new regulatory, corporate requirements and standards.


Flying High Together...

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Trying out our financing solutions to get you a lasting shine.

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