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Take the best residential property loan to maximise the capital gain of your asset. Sign up our mortgage loan program and enjoy the attractive perks.


Residential Property Loans

Private Residential


New Unit

1.60% pa variable

Refinancing : 1.75% pa fixed

(Pegged to bank's board rate or 36 months fixed deposit rate).

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Give away S$100 Starbuck gift card if you are applying for the property loan with us.

  • Current lowest rates in the market.

  • Fixed or variable interest package.

  • Up to 35 years repayment period.

  • Legal fee subsidy (for refinancing only).

  • Tailor-made to suit your monthly budget.

  • Up to S$100.00 voucher to reward you. Promotion is valid till 31/07/2018.

*Terms & conditions applied.

Property interest rates

For completed properties

Buying your first dream property and seize capital gains.

Year 1

1.62% pa



1.75% pa

Year 2

1.65% pa

1.75% pa

Year 3

1.68% pa


1.99% pa

3 month Sibor + 0.70% pa

*(Board rate: 1st yr: SRFR2 - 2.88% pa | 2nd yr: SRFR2 - 2.85% pa | 3rd yr - 2.82% pa.)

Refinancing properties

Keep your interest rates lower and generate extra cash-flows.

Year 1




1.80% pa

Year 2

1.65% pa

1.80% pa

Year 3

1.65% pa


1.65% pa

1.85% pa

*(Pegged to 14M FDPR (0.25) + 1.40% | legal subsidy capped at $1,800.00)

For properties under construction

Make purchase of dream homes more affordable.

Year 1

1.60% pa




Year 2

1.60% pa


Year 3

1.60% pa


1.60% pa


*(Board rate: SRFR2 - 2.90%) | No lock-in | Free one-time conversion.)


Go with the best property loan.

  • One of the lowest interest rates, 

  • Up to 35 years period

  • More cash incentives and benefits.

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If you are Singaporean or PR, and are meeting of the following requirements:


  • Anual incomes of $30,000.00 & above;

  • A decently good credit rating of the owner & the co-owner.


For those who do not meet the minimum credit requirements, we will help to mitigate & find the suitable solutions to solve the financial issues.


Require Documents

We make application easy, let you have the peace of mind.


Simply provide us with the following documents:


  • NRIC of owner & co-owner;

  • Current 2 years NOAs & 12 months CPF contribution history statement;

  • Latest 3 months computerized payslips,

  • Latest CBS report (if any).



  • OTP (for new purchases)

  • Latest year repayment statement (for refinancing)

  • Stamped Tenancy Agreement (for investment property)


Acknowledge the receipts of the documents.



Activate credit assessment process and get you the best housing loan package.


Call us or email us to sign up loan service form.



We check your expectation and tailor-make an indicative term sheet and seek for formal loan approval.


Make acceptance of loan offer. Arrange and  get all the transactions completed.

*This diagram is for illustrative purpose, as the credit assessment process may vary from case to case.

The best easy property loan, as many benefits will brighten up your lifestyle.

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We are making the loan procedures

as simple as possible.

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