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Dedicated to helping foreign companies, investors to set up new entities in Singapore. Providing essential supports and guides for your business to thrive.

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Successful foreign entrepreneurs with a strong business track record and the financial ability to invest S$2.50m in Singapore may apply for the Permanent Resident (PR) via the Global Investor Program (GIP). Here are our key services.



Incorporating An Entity or Open A Representative Office.

Online and secured incorporating a company in Singapore. Fast, efficient and cost-effective. 


Corporate Secretary and  Accounting Advisory Services.

Ensuring the company is in statutory compliance with regulatory requirements for timely reporting of annual returns, financial reports and taxation.


Open Single/ Multiple Currencies Corporate Bank Accounts.

Get ready the digital bank accounts for simple, better, faster 24/7 banking access to unlock greater business opportunities.


Access To Personal Finance and  Business Credit Facilities. 

Guiding the foreign entrepreneurs on how to build a good credit profile for the purpose of obtaining the essential financing supports.


Applying For Employment Pass/ Entrepreneur Pass.

Foreign entrepreneurs and investors can apply for a work visa - Employment Pass/ EntrePass to work and doing business in Singapore. Let's help you.


Access To Investment Grants, Incentives Schemes.

Promising Startups and highly growing foreign companies that are contributing to Singapore's priorities - innovation, R&D, and tech- capabilities are encouraged to access special funds and incentives. Let's help you to make the assessments.

Singapore's Competitive Edges For Entrepreneurship.

Friendly Global Business Hub

& Pro-Business Policies

Great Living Garden City & Vibrant Environment

Easy Set-Up & Access To Fast-Growing Regional Markets 

Excellent Financial System  Support Diversified Expansion 

World-Class Standard & Future-Ready Infrastructures

Attractive Incentives Offer For    Foreign Entrepreneurs

Globally Connectivity & Talented Workforce

Stable Political Environment & Attractive Low Tax Rates 


More Reasons To Do  Business In Singapore?

An excellent cosmopolitan city-state driving for MNC and Start-Ups to scale fast-growing business in Asia.

  • World easiest place to do business - Retained on the top spot in the World Bank's global ranking for easiest doing business over the past decade.

  • Excellent tax benefits - First 3 years tax exemption scheme for new Start-Ups and relatively low 17% corporate tax rate. 

  • Reliable legal system - Ranked top best Intellectual Property (IP) protection in Asia, reliable anti-corruption legal and strong dispute resolution framework.

  • Strong government supports - A slew of pro-business initiatives make it easier for Start-Ups and MNCs to access financial and non-financial supports.

  • Digital-ready and tech-minded nation city - Driving advancements in digital technologies to enable the success of people and businesses in a digital world.

  • Reasonable cost of living - The neighborhood lifestyle of living keeps the cost of accommodation, food expenses, transportation fairly affordable. 


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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key requirements for setting up a Singapore company?

  1. A company needs to have at least one shareholder who can be a local or foreign individual or company.

  2. At least one of the directors must be a natural person, above the age of eighteen years old, and a resident of Singapore.

  3. A shareholder who is a natural person can also be a director of the company.

  4. A qualified company secretary has to be appointed. The secretary must be a resident of Singapore.

  5. A company must have a physical, local address in Singapore.

  6. The company must have a paid-up capital of at least $1.


What are the minimum and the maximum number of shareholders a company can have?

A Singapore Private Limited Company (LLC) registration requires at least 1 shareholder. A Private Limited Company can have a maximum of 50 shareholders.


How many directors are required to register a company in Singapore?

Registration of a Private Limited Company in Singapore requires at least one director. There is no limit on the maximum number of directors, although a maximum number is usually stated in the Constitution of the Company. A director must be a natural person and a corporate entity cannot be a director. Furthermore, at least one of the directors must be a resident of Singapore.


Is having a local director necessary for a Singapore company?

Yes, it is necessary for a Singapore company to have at least one director who is a local resident. In order to qualify as a local resident of Singapore, the individual has to be a Singapore citizen, a Singapore permanent resident or an Employment Pass holder (the employment pass must be from the same company where the individual wants to be a director). Furthermore, the local director must be a natural person above the age of 18 years and not a corporate entity.

Foreign companies or entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate and operate a Singapore company can either A) have a foreign executive relocate to Singapore to act as the resident director (subject to the approval of their work pass); or B) use the nominee director service of a corporate services firm to meet the resident director requirement.


What is the procedure for registering a Singapore company?

Company registration procedure in Singapore consists of two simple steps:


A) Company Name Reservation

Before registering a new company in Singapore, the company name must be reserved. Therefore, an application to reserve your proposed company name must be filed first. If the proposed company name does not conflict with any existing names and does not fall into the category of undesirable names, it should take only 10-15 minutes to get the company name approval. Once approved, the name will be reserved for you for 60 days from the date of approval.


B) Incorporation of the Company

The online application to register a company can be filed after approval of the company name has been obtained. The following information must be provided as part of the application:

  1. Details of business activities

  2. Details of the shareholder(s) and the shares issued to them

  3. Details of the company director(s)

  4. Details of company secretary

  5. Details of registered office

  6. Signed Constitution of the Company

If you use a professional services firm, the firm can assist in ensuring that the information in your application is accurate and complete. If everything is in order, the incorporation application will be processed within a few minutes and you will receive a notice of incorporation via email. Note that the incorporation approval can take longer if the application is referred for additional review by the company registrar.


Can a foreigner incorporate a Singapore company himself?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The Singapore Company Law requires that all foreigners must engage the services of a licensed corporate service provider for this purpose.


Does a foreigner need to visit Singapore to establish a company?

No, you do not have to be physically present in Singapore to setup a company. All incorporation related paperwork can be executed online without your physical presence in Singapore. However, as part of the KYC procedures, the bank authorities may require an interview with one or more of the key persons of the company. This may necessitate a visit to Singapore to open the bank account.