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General guides and the loan procedures for the borrowers to have a good view and control of the unsecured loan program.

Suitable For Who:

  • Start-up companies, > 6 months.

  • Annual turnover, >S$500

  • Local registered companies with >30% local shareholding.

Financing Terms:

  • Loan quantum, A - Up to S$800k for (bank loan).

  • Loan quantum, B - Up to S$500k for (alternative loan).

  • Bundle with - Term loan, overdraft & corporate credit card (A only).

  • Interest rate - From 3.75% pa.

  • Facility fee - From 1% onwards.

  • Security - No collateral required.

Ways To Apply:

  • Fill-up the form.

  • Email us '

  • Call (65) 6611 2918.

  • WhatsApp (65) 97500 281.


  • Local registered company with minimum 30% local shareholding.

  • Annual $500k turnover and above.

  • Minimum 6 months in business.

  • Decent & healthy bank balances.

  • Good credit scores or CBS report.

Required Documents:

  • A current copy of company's bizfile.

  • Current 6 months bank statements;

  • 2 years financial statements;

  • Applicant's IC, 2 years NOAs and the current CBS report.

  • A summary of loan commitment list.

Processing Time (approval)

  • SME loans - average 1 to 2 weeks to know the approval status.

  • P2P loans - average 1 to 2 days to know the approval outcome.

Processing Time (loan disbursement)

  • SME loans - average 1 to 2 weeks to for funds to deposit to bank account.

  • P2P loans - average 1 to 2 days by FAST transfer to bank account.


Keep track of your loan processes, documents, and good management of loans.

Timely reporting of the loan accounts to have good control from start to end.


Securing the best financing loans for your company.



Safe keep and monitoring of loan account and documents.


Call us and discuss, plan your loan expectations.



You will receive the term sheet, loan offer to make acceptance.


Receiving a full settlement letter at the end loan period.

*This diagram is for illustrative purposes, as the process may vary from case to case.


 Key Features & Benefits

Indulging with >50 banks, PFIs, financing partners.


Startups, growing firms, & large-scale companies are able to access diverse funding platforms to support business confidently. 

Measure & recommend solutions to improve the credit ratings.


Initiate a comprehensive credit evaluation process, with the objectives to improve the company's credit rating & meet loan approval criterion.

Protecting business important assets and values.


Introduce a protective plan to protect the key assets - sales revenues, banking facilities, trade accounts & key personnel.

Improving the company's financial capability progressively.  


Identifying the causes of internal financial problems and suggest the feasible ways to improve it. Recommending the best financing practices to strengthen core value.

Connecting to the right funding partners.


Linking companies to the lifelong financing partner to access to the undisrupted sources of funds and supports.

Plan and set a budget for undisrupted cash-flows. 


Planning for annual financial budgeting is critical, as it will envisage and fix-up the require fundings ahead.

Diverse & integrated professional platforms.


Integrated key business functions - legal, financing, accounting to reinforcing company's competitiveness.

Better time management & cost savings

This will translate to better profit results and better management of the company's core business values. 


Specialize In Resolving Niche Financial Issues

Cash-flow problems,

unable to get the bank to approve the loans ?? 

Problems to recover the bad debts & facing with doubtful debts?? 

Trouble with complex & unresolved financial matters?? 

Finding too tedious to get grants to improve the cash flow?? 

Unsure with the compliance & regulatory Issues?? 

Call Us & Ask Us.

We have the answers for you.

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Help, Support & FAQs.


How many types of working capital loans available for businesses?

  • SME working capital loan.

  • Business/ commercial term loan.

  • Overdraft.

  • Account receivables or factoring.

  • P2P or alternative term loans.

  • Refinancing of assets (property/equipment).


Which banks or financial institutions offered the lowest interest rate?

  • The lowest interest rate loan is the Enterprise Singapore's SME working capital loans offering by all banks, PFIs with no penalty charge of early settlement.

  • The next cheaper interest is the bank commercial loans, where it can be negotiated for attractive terms.


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